(Punk Rock)

The four Stagedicks, namely Dick Boss, Dick Daddy, Dick Kick & Dick Punch, play powerful snotty Rock’n’Roll, consisting mostly out of own songs, which get created during rehearsals by making noise on their toys.

Among their own music The Stagedicks also pay tribute in a few songs to iconic bands like The Ramones, The Sonics or Turbonegro revealing Dick Boss’ huge affinity to Punk & Scandinavia Rock. On stages in bars and on music festivals all around the Belgian-German borderland they gained a reputation for playing high-voltage gigs with roaring vox, berserk drums, rolling basslines and cutting lead guitar. In 2013 and 2016 they hit the studio to record so far two EP’s.

A first video clip to their song “Yeah Yeah” is planned to be released sometime in 2017-2018.